Putin’s Circle of Influential Agents Spans All Parties

Putin’s American Agents of Influence

Putin’s Circle – The Highly Influential American Agents of Influence Who Make Millions Subverting Democracy:


While Mr Manafort was running the Trump campaign, the Republican Party changed the language in its manifesto regarding the conflict in Ukraine, removing anti-Russian sentiment, allegedly at the behest of two Trump campaign representatives.


‘In 2004, Putin was enraged when the “Orange Revolution” freed Ukraine from the Kremlin’s tight grip.’

‘Putin’s choice to run Ukraine was a burly former coal-miner named Viktor Yanukovych, whom Putin bankrolled against pro-Western rival, Viktor Yushchenko. For the crime of opposing Putin’s favored candidate, Yushchenko was not-so-mysteriously poisoned.’

‘Putin attacks democracies with a well-honed strategy; methodically, with incredible calculation. Putin orchestrated a Yanukovych comeback as prime minister in 2006 and president in 2010, masterminded by American campaign consultant Paul Manafort, with help from Tad Devine, Joe Podesta and Greg Craig.’

For more than a decade before joining Trump’s election effort in 2016, Manafort’s Kremlin ties deepened. There was no daylight between Yanukovych and Putin, and no daylight between Yanukovych and Manafort. Until he was forced to flee to Moscow in 2014 following a popular revolution, Yanukovych kept Ukraine exclusively allied with Russia. 

Putin’s Agents of influence influential in all major political parties.:

Donald Trump:
Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Michael Flynn

Paul Manafort:
Manafort arrived in Ukraine in the wake of the Orange Revolution, a popular uprising that blocked the pro-Russian Yanukovych from taking power in 2004. One of the leaders of that revolt, an economist named Viktor Yushchenko, fell suddenly ill as his movement for European integration was gaining momentum that fall; doctors determined that he had been poisoned with dioxin, a substance that turned his telegenic face into a mask of green and yellow scars.

Bernie Sanders Party:
Tad Devine

Tad Devine, a top Democratic strategist for Al Gore and John Kerry’s presidential campaigns, Devine worked closely with Manafort in 2010 to elect the pro-Russian Ukraninan president Viktor Yanukovych. He left the team two years later, however, when Yanukovych began to indulge his autocratic impulses, jailing political rival Yulia Tymoshenko. (Manafort, it seems, had no such qualms, continuing to defend his work in Ukraine even after he was placed under house arrest.)

Democratic Party:
Joe Podesta, Greg Craig

Joe Podesta – The Podesta Group worked with Paul Manafort, President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, on lobbying the US government to legitimize former Russian-backed Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

Greg Craig (Former Obama Lawyer) helped produce a report that sought to justify the imprisonment of Yulia Tymoshenko, a political rival of Viktor Yanukovych, the Ukrainian president at the time and an ally of Vladimir Putin’s.

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